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Safety Marking Products

Pro-Line Safety Products is home to a diverse range of visible, durable, and dependable marking supplies. No matter what you need to mark, you’re certain to find an ideal fit for your particular marking and safety needs in our collection.

Browse our available products below to find a safety marker, or give our company a call to learn more.

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Our Selection of Safety Marking Products Includes:

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Pro-Line Offers Many High-Quality Marking Products

Marking Tape

Buried tape, available in both detectable and non-detectable forms, acts as a critical barrier to prevent accidental damage during digging, signaling to excavators when they are nearing underground cables or pipelines. Despite the tendency of homeowners to skip pre-digging calls, the placement of warning tape is crucial, particularly in residential zones. A small investment in warning tape, costing just pennies per foot, can prevent damage costing thousands of dollars.

Marking Paint

Utility locators use marking paint, in addition to marking flags, to delineate the location of underground utility lines so that construction or excavation crews do not hit them unexpectedly, causing severe and potentially fatal injury. Marking paints come in many colors including those to match the APWA color coding system used in identifying utility lines (Red for Electric, Yellow for Oil and Gas, Orange for Telecom, etc.)

When you need to temporarily mark grass or a natural surface, paint is the superior choice. This option is particularly effective for outdoor applications where exposure to elements demands a more flexible marking solution. 

Paint embeds directly onto the ground or grass, offering a long-lasting mark that withstands traffic, weather, and wear. It is especially suitable for marking safe pathways, identifying excavation sites, and delineating areas of danger on concrete or asphalt, where its bright colors ensure visibility and control over a marked area for an extended period of time.

Marking Flags

Flags offer unmatched visibility for marking small but significant hazards or areas of interest on a job site. Our safety marking flags are particularly useful in landscaping or excavation, where underground utilities or small obstacles need to be identified without obstructing the work area. 

Utility marking flags can be placed directly into the ground, providing a three-dimensional marker that stands out. This method of marking is beneficial for showing areas that require caution without the need for direct contact with the ground. Alternatively, our pennant flags can be strung from posts, buildings or even trees to delineate hazard areas or roof edges and other unique locations.

Marking Posts

Utility posts are an excellent choice for those who need a long-term, durable marking solution.

Marker posts are crucial for visually identifying underground utilities and serve as a reminder for excavators to contact 811 before digging. The TriView® marker post, with its triangular shape and internal Flex PLUS™ rod, is recognized as the most robust option on the market. Its design allows it to return to an upright position after impacts from livestock, wildlife, or vehicles, maintaining visibility where other posts might not withstand such interactions.

Marking Fences

For comprehensive area control, a safety barrier fence is unparalleled among safety marking products. They provide both a physical and visual deterrent that marks out large areas where access needs to be restricted, such as construction sites or areas with ongoing excavation. Barrier fences can encompass a large area and create a clear boundary that signals danger or restricted access. 

This safety product is especially effective in open areas where marking the ground or using small flags would not provide adequate warning or control. Additionally, the use of bright colors ensures the fence is easily visible and impossible to miss.

Trust Pro-Line Safety Products for All Your Marking Needs

Whether you need marking whiskers or specialized safety tape, our inventory will have a match for your unique marking needs. If you have any questions about product specifications or our company, call Pro-Line today.

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