Mission Statment

We will become a leader in all of our served markets by providing our customers with on-time delivery of competitively priced and the highest quality of products and services.

We will accomplish our mission by setting near term objectives and long term goals that will require superlative performance by each of our employees. We will change any objectives or goals that no longer meet these requirements to ones that do. We understand that this is a never-ending process.


We began operations in West Chicago, Illinois in 1992. What started as a sales and marketing company, grew to include manufacturing and world-wide distribution. Pro-Line brings over 40 years of experience to the safety and utility industry. Pro-Line Safety Products manufactures and distributes a complete line of safety products for markets including: utilities ranging from gas, water, sewer, electric and telecommunications, construction, industrial and public safety.

Utility Markets: Gas, Water, Sewer, Electric, and Telecommunications

Pro-Line Safety is known for its patented and trademarked underground utility marking tapes, and is one of the largest tracer wire suppliers in the industry with several types of tracer wire from traditional tracer wire to the new copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire. Our product line places a heavy emphasis on utility marking products to Detect, Locate, Identify, and Protect underground and above ground utility lines and facilities

Key Products Include: (Click Product if Desired)

  • Detectable Marking Tapes
  • Non-Detectable Marking Tapes
  • Tracer Wire
  • Inverted Marking Paint
  • Utility Marking Flags
  • Utility Marking Posts
  • Whiskers
  • Barricade Tapes
  • Flagging Tapes
  • And Much More…

General Safety Markets: Construction, Industrial, and Public Safety
Pro-Line Safety is also a premier manufacturer and supplier of safety products covering the construction, industrial, and public safety markets. Pro-Line Safety also runs a state-of-the art cut and sew operation which manufactures a complete line of customized and standard safety vests, warning flags and other custom apparel. These products carry the “Made in the USA” label.

Key Products Include: (Click Product if Desired)

  • Barricade Tapes
  • Safety Vests
  • Warning Flags
  • Traffic Cones
  • Barricades
  • Safety Signs
  • Hard Hats
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Gloves
  • Hearing Protection
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • And Much More…


Pro-Line Wire & Cable has formed strategic business partnerships with several of the largest and most experienced wire & cable manufactures in the world. The Pro-Line Wire & Cable division is led by Bryan Holmes and his talented staff providing a full range of wire and cable that focuses on 2 key markets. Markets served include: OEM and Electrical Distributors. With over 10 strategically placed distribution centers across the United States alone, Pro-Line has the capability to provide all of your OEM wire and needs. We are dedicated to meeting the supply and demand of customers both on a domestic and international level.

OEM Markets: Automotive, Telecom, HVAC, Appliances, Industrial Equipment, Military, and Electrical

OEM customers can streamline ordering and fulfillment processes which will reduce cost and add to your bottom line. You can place order with confidence and know Pro-Line will take care of everything…which allows you to take care of other things. We can offer customized supply chain solutions. These solutions are geared towards reducing costs, improving quality, and enhancing the delivery of the products you manufacture or customers you serve. We can also offer special packaging requirements like drums, gaylords or other custom package sizes to help make your manufacturing processes more efficient.

Key Products Include: (Click Product if Desired)

  • Copper Building Wire
  • Aluminum Building Wire
  • Canadian Building Wire – (Section Coming Soon)
  • 600V Control Cable
  • 600V Power Cable
  • Flexible Cord
  • Metal Clad Cable (Type MC)
  • Flexible Conduit (Metallic & Non-Metallic) – (Section Coming Soon)
  • Medium Voltage Cable (5kV-35kV)
  • Audio & Video Wire – (Section Coming Soon)
  • Automotive Wire – (Section Coming Soon)
  • Utility Tracer Wire

Energy Markets:
Pro-Line Wire is a supplier of all types of wire and cable, including bare overhead conductors for transmission and distribution of electricity, 600V insulated products for the secondary distribution of electricity, medium-voltage cables up to 69 KV for underground primary distribution, high-voltage cables up to 230 KV for underground applications, and bare copper for grounding systems. Pro-Line Wire serves customers around the world, backed by a network of manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across the world. Pro-Line wire operates with the proven philosophy of providing the top quality products in the industry, backed by the best service available.

Key Products Include: (Click Product if Desired)

  • Copper Building Wire
  • Aluminum Building Wire
  • Medium Voltage Cable
  • High Voltage Cable (Section Coming Soon)
  • Utility Tracer Wire


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Pro-Line Safety Products Co. 1099 Atlantic Drive, Unit #1 West Chicago, IL 60185

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